Beth Veglahn

How Picking Corn Together Built Muscle … and Culture

By Beth Veglahn on September 10, 2015

My favorite thing about working as a designer at Core is being part of a culture that loves giving back.

Yes, that even includes the time all of us spent together this August hand-picking 14,000 lbs. of corn in less than 4 hours.

Each year, our culture-building team, “CoreGives”, organizes an all-agency event. This year, we partnered with Milwaukee’s Hunger Task Force to help harvest fresh, healthy food grown on their farm. (We were exposed to all the good the Hunger Task Force does when we developed our “Share-A-Plate” social media campaign during the holiday season last year.)

The Hunger Task Force Farm grows over 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables to feed people in our community. Sweet corn was in season on the day Core Creative volunteered.

Walking behind a tractor that pulled a conveyor system, a group of us hand-picked corn right off the stalks. The belts brought the corn up onto the back of the tractor, where more of my Core colleagues checked the corn and packed it into large bags for distribution.

Needless to say, the work was physically exhausting, but the reward of doing our small part to help Hunger Task Force feed our community kept us going.

Afterwards so many of us commented on what a great way “picking corn” was to bond.

As with many companies, Core is large enough that you don’t always know everyone as well as you’d like, simply because you don’t work with them every day. Such events help us connect with each other in a different, but meaningful way – all the while serving the community.


Of course, our culture team organizes other ways to give as well. From quarterly donation drives (e.g., collecting school supplies, pet products, winter coats) to the extra volunteer hours we are each given to serve our schools and community during the business year, Core creates a work environment where everyone is able to focus their passions (beyond work) to make a difference for people.

This agency-wide commitment of time serving together builds relationships and trust in ways that can’t be measured. That’s why I love working with these people. We all care about community – the one outside our door, and the one down our own hallway.