Ward Alles

How to Empower Your Customers to tell Your Brand Story

By Ward Alles on July 15, 2015

“Your branding campaign is right on target. This message is exactly what we need to share with the community.”

After a brief, but bold, integrated campaign that utilized everything from billboards to social media, words like this mean the world to a company. But when feedback like this resonates throughout the organization, that’s when a company knows that it’s truly living its vision. This was the reaction the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee received when it rolled out its comprehensive rebranding.

It’s the type of reaction that creates a ripple effect in the community, and creates real change.

And, of course, it’s something to be proud of. Both for the organization, as well as the agency team’s branding strategy.

Take three minutes to learn how we turned a fundraising campaign for the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee into a fan-raising campaign, centered on the schools’ shared brand promise.

Not only did the campaign distinguish Lutheran high school education from its competition, it engaged its own “customers” – students, parents, faculty and alumni – to stand up and tell their brand’s story in their own words.

Truly relevant. Truly powerful.

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