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Branding News: Industry Insights in May

By Irina Finley on June 2, 2014

This past month, iPhone dominated the news, among other things. Below are the funny, serious and seriously funny industry insights we found to be the most relevant in May.


Fast, cheap, good. Pick three.

Who said you need time and money to make great content and creative? We tip our hats to Century 21 for their wonderful work on brand promotion. Check it out.

“QR Codes Kill Kittens”

As marketers, we’re well aware of the channels of distribution at our disposal. But, knowing which ones to use at the right moment is a key element to executing a great campaign. For example, putting a QR code on a billboard — and for a “Don’t Text and Drive” ad — is hilarious, right? But, it actually happens. Scott Stratten shares an important message about social media strategy and shows us some of the most ridiculous social campaigns to ever see the light of day. And it helps that he’s adorably funny.

QR Code

Another way to edit your Twitter experience: with mute

Twitter’s new “mute” feature allows you to have more control over what/who you see on your timeline. When you mute a user, they can still ReTweet and favorite your tweets without knowing you muted them. Check it out here.

Facebook’s organic reach decline: How to respond in 4 steps

Marketers have seen a drastic drop in Facebook reach. Don’t let your brand get lost in Facebook’s shifting algorithm. Try these steps and remain relevant for your audience.

13 Tips for Increasing Your Company’s Google Rank

To increase your Google ranking, you need to start thinking like your customer and understand the importance of relevant content. Check out these tips for boosting your company’s SEO.

One of the World’s Most Expensive Auto Brands Just Shot an Ad Entirely on iPhones

Bentley created an incredible video with an iPhone? Yup. The new video not only shoots a Bentley ad using only iPhones, but it’s edited from the backseat on an iPad Air. Without a doubt, Bentley has the money to make a lavish TV ad, but the iPhone ad wasn’t necessarily made to show off their creativity. Instead, they wanted to convey the connectivity capabilities they offer. Watch it here.

Google Beats Apple in List of World’s Most Valuable Brands

Speaking of Apple, the company fell to number two on the list of world’s most valuable brands. From the new wearables to intricate mapping systems, Google has become very interactive in our world (users even noticed the recent single-pixel logo changes). See who else made the list here.

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