Julie Schlender

Living our brand by giving back

By Julie Schlender on April 8, 2013

I have 35 coworkers. That’s twice as many as when I started at Core.

One of the great things about coming to work has always been the people. And now, with so many, we can make an impact, not just for our clients but also in our community.

We recently headed to the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center for the afternoon to volunteer our time.

The center is a nonprofit social service agency whose mission is to build a safer, stronger neighborhood and community. You can learn more about all of the work they do here.

We painted a few walls, prepped for a party and assisted at story time. We also got to see the incredible work the center’s teachers, caregivers and administrators are doing for a lot of kids.

We were happy to be a part of their day. And we are living our brand by giving back.

Julie Mertz is a senior art director at Core. Julie helps lead our CoreGives program that seeks opportunities for employees to give back to our community.