Andrea Nordgren

WE (heart) New York

By Andrea Nordgren on August 10, 2016

Creative Inspiration in a New York Minute

A few weeks ago, Jerry and I were in NYC for business and, since we had already checked “Tesla test drive” off our list, we had time on our hands to explore the city. We trekked through the West Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Times Square, and Central Park, made sure we hit Magnolia Bakery and The High Line, and then ate at an Indian bistro, Basera. We avoided a rat in Central Park and met a great guy from Jamaica dressed as oregano. Weird – it’s totally legal already but I guess he didn’t know!

Here is a one-minute video capturing what inspired us. Jerry’s phone died so I had to pick up the slack again. Just kidding, Jerry! ;) Oh, and the half-nude guy is just a sculpture in The High Line. No Naked Cowboy on this trip. Enjoy …

Andrea Norgren is a Content Director/Executive Producer at Core Creative.