Ward Alles

When you don’t address brand engagement – everyone loses

By Ward Alles on October 16, 2012

FastCompany’s article “Why You Need to Lead With Your Heart” lays out another “say it. live it” argument. (They’re all around us.)

Despite a post-recession economy where you’d think many people are just happy to have a job, the data shows they are not. Nearly three quarters – ¾! – of the workforce is disengaged with their employer (and, therefore, their employer’s brand promise).

Here’s my take. At least three critical audiences are impacted by allowing this kind of active dissatisfaction to remain commonplace on the job.

1) Your company. Tell me you couldn’t be more productive and profitable by investing in brand alignment – getting employees to see, understand, and promote the WHAT, HOW and WHY behind your brand.

2) Your customers. Convince me both your current and prospective customers can’t see and feel when employees are disengaged in their jobs. They probably don’t even have to say a single negative word. Body language and indifference are detectable even across the phone.

3) Your employees. Tell me that current disengaged employees wouldn’t be better off working someplace where they actually cared about someone’s product or service. And by the same token, prove to me your current ENGAGED employees wouldn’t be wildly grateful if you actively de-hired the saboteurs in your midst.

The article says leaders need to use their hearts. Unfortunately, too many think they are doing just that by allowing otherwise good people to continue working in a situation where they clearly don’t belong.

Do your company, your customers and your employees an unbelievable amount of good: either find a way to engage your employees (teaching them the brand comes to mind – as well as getting the right people on the bus in the first place) … or move them out as quickly as possible. In the process, you’ll even do your own heart some good.

So tell me what you think: Why aren’t business leaders making some of these tough heart and brand engagement decisions?