Ward Alles

How to make your company, culture and brand even better

By Ward Alles on October 4, 2016

Highlight the works – and quirks – of your best employees

No doubt, you’ve heard Gallup’s stats about employee engagement.

  • Roughly 20% are actively DIS-engaged.
  • About 50% are NOT engaged.
  • And the remaining 30% are truly engaged. They whole-heartedly believe in your company and its mission. And they contribute – consistently – to your success.

Naturally, the more engaged employees you have, the better your company performs.

So here are several engagement-enhancing questions to ask yourself right now – whether you’re in the C-suite, in Human Resources, or simply manage other people:

  1. How do you think your employee base compares to Gallup’s averages? Better? Worse? Why?
  2. Do you know who your highly engaged employees are?
  3. Do you know what behaviors make them exceptional performers?
  4. Are those behaviors tied back to your purpose? Your values?
  5. Do you reward and recognize your stars?
  6. Do you hold them up as examples to motivate other employees … or to help shape your culture in order to recruit and retain more like them?

As a branding agency, Core Creative knows that people shape cultures. And cultures shape brands. Stands to reason, then: If you tell the story of your best people, you can influence your culture and boost your brand.

But rather than just preach this philosophy, allow us to practice it: Meet our Creative Director, Jerry Higgins by watching the video below. After you’re done smiling, tell us: Who’s your Jerry Higgins? And how can we help get the word out about your extraordinary employees, your healthy culture, and your high-performing brand?

Your ability to tell relatable HUMAN stories of people at work may be the difference between having employees that work :

  • FOR you
  • IN SPITE OF you…
  • or (gulp) AGAINST you.

Ward Alles is a partner and a brand consultant at Core Creative.

Meet Core’s Creative Director Jerry Higgins. The guy everyone loves. Employees and clients alike. Not just cuz he’s kind to animals. Or is an excellent dresser (All fine reasons). If you’re lucky, you have a Jerry at your office. The kind who gives the funny Christmas presents. Year, after year, after year. And then you have to give him one. Which he loves because it features him. People like to work with the Jerrys of the world. They add personality to your culture. And remind you not to take yourself so seriously. But they also show you how to treat your fellow employees. How to serve customers. And how to serve your community. All with an air of playfulness, joy and humility. That makes you wonder is he for real? We wish we had 100 more. If your company has one Jerry, it may be enough. But if you can cultivate other Jerrys? Wouldn’t that make your company, culture, and brand even better? So who’s the Jerry at your company? We think they’re worth celebrating. Because if you didn’t have the Jerrys at your company, your company just wouldn’t feel like your company.