External Brand Launch

Borgess Health

External Brand Launch

Rebuilding the excitement around the Borgess brand.

The power of a defining moment.

Through our brand discovery process, we found a powerful opportunity for Kalamazoo-based Borgess Health to succeed by telling real patient stories in its market. The resulting external campaign theme, “That’s where,” became a conduit to tell these stories in print, outdoor, digital, TV and radio.

Launching with a two-week teaser campaign, each “That’s where” story left viewers at a crossroads — a life-defining moment for the storyteller.

Ending with a bit of a cliffhanger, ads directed users to visit thatswhere.com to view the rest of the story. After 2-weeks, the full ads were revealed, with a second “That’s where” revealing Borgess as the place where the issue was resolved.

With three patient stories in market at our initial launch, the teasers and reveals played out in every medium. These worked in concert with our internal campaign, “This is where,” to ensure maximum impact of the brand launch, inside the organization and out.