Branding Campaign

Cape Regional Health System

Branding Campaign

Leveraging local patient stories to break through past perceptions.

Making the already familiar more relatable.

With new competition moving into the market and the lure of some of the best healthcare in the world just miles away in Philadelphia, Cape Regional Health System turned to Core Creative. Together, we worked to help differentiate the health system from the competition and instill confidence that the local health system was the best choice.

Our secret sauce? Leveraging community pride and featuring real patients as messengers.

A brand campaign called, “Our Health. Our Home.” told the health system’s story through the voice of the patient. In addition to adding third-party credibility, this approach was also compelling and believable, further enhancing the saliency of the campaign’s message.  And, by featuring local landmarks and familiar locations, we were able to further illustrate Cape Regional’s strong connection to the community it serves.

The campaign was deployed through a powerful media mix including print, online and television.

It has been a wonderful experience working with the entire Core team.Scott Ohntrup, Former Director, Business Development, Cape Regional Medical Center