Borgess Health

Borgess Health

Core’s say it. live it. campaign helped this 125-year-old health system recapture its sense of pride.

Restore the Roar.

For 125 years, Borgess Health has been serving the people of Kalamazoo, Michigan and the surrounding area. With three hospitals and dozens of clinics and specialty practices, their work had touched many lives. But competition was growing in their market. Their closest competitor began aggressively outspending them by a 6:1 margin in their marketing efforts. With their voice drowned out, morale began to fall. Our assignment? Per the client’s exact words, “Restore the roar.”

Core answered the call by taking Borgess leadership through our branding process and helping them to rediscover and define what made Borgess great. We engaged Borgess’ 3000+ employees by taking them through some basic brand (reputation) training, and launching an internal campaign before we went into market externally.

The new campaigns were designed to work in lock step with one another, capturing stories from associates and patients alike and bringing out the human side of the Borgess brand like never before.

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