Owensboro Health

Owensboro Health

Helping a health system position itself in the wake of major growth.

It’s all about why you’re doing it.

As one of the most prominent health care systems in Western Kentucky, Owensboro Health came to us looking to refine their growing brand. While they were experiencing great success in acquiring new physicians and clinics to build a more robust health system, they were also looking to side step the possible pitfalls of suffering an identity crisis as new employees joined the system in droves.

Core worked with Owensboro Health to uncover the fundamental truths of their brand. The cornerstones that would always remain. In the end – their growth, their innovation, their strategic initiatives – they all pointed back to a fundamental commitment to the community. With a clear alignment between their business strategy and messaging platform, we went to work.

The employees have to have input into creating it. Core Creative didn't tell us what our brand is. They listened, and helped us to put it all together.Barbara Taylor, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

In the time since, we have helped Owensboro promote their brand, service lines, physicians and much more. We helped them to name and position their rapidly growing medical group, One Health, and bring their message to communities throughout their 14-county service area. We helped them position their acquisition of a well-known community hospital. And, of course, we’ve helped their continued efforts to recruit talented physicians.

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