Innovation Video


Innovation Video

Breathing new life into the innovation story for Modine investors.

The DNA of a culture.

In spring of 2014, Modine tasked Core with creating a 7-10 minute short film focused on the innovations happening around the company. The video would be shown to company investors at the annual shareholder meeting in June. We decided to focus on three different stories happening within the company: innovation in R&D, products and in their everyday process.

We traveled to Modine facilities in Racine, WI; Lawrenceburg, TN; and Buena Vista, VA to film the stories. To ensure the video left investors feeling like they were seeing something truly innovative, we employed the use of techniques such as high-speed photography, time-lapse and cinematic sound design.


  • The film was met with tremendous positive feedback from the client and shareholders alike, and went on to receive a 2015 BMA Bell Award from Milwaukee’s Business Marketing Association.