M18 FUEL™ Package Design

Milwaukee Tool

M18 FUEL™ Package Design

Aligning the brand experience with the user experience for the launch of a new-to-world innovation.

Designs focused on the user.

The first thing you need to know about Milwaukee® is that every decision, every innovation and every product is focused on the user. That means we have a big responsibility as designers. User focus can’t just be a message, it needs to be a set of principles that we apply to every design decision. Delivering on these factors was a key component to creating a successful launch for the M18 FUEL line of power tools.

M18 FUEL offered multiple cutting-edge innovations that were being presented to the world for the first time. To communicate this successfully, our work needed to clearly demonstrate the features to users, and provide the necessary context for them to fully understand the benefits. We worked with the client to develop the name, logo, tagline, illustrations, packaging, sales graphics and more — all with a focus on those user-centric principles.

Sometimes a single launch can include hundreds of different pieces. M18 FUEL is a great example of how our design team can align all those pieces in away that is truly meaningful. The result is much more than a series of designs that appear to be in the same family. It’s Milwaukee’s user-focus coming to life at every brand touch point.