Brand Launch

Brand Launch

Uniting pride and purpose in one powerful idea.

Modine Gets It Right.

Modine Manufacturing, a worldwide leader in thermal management innovations for the vehicular and building HVAC markets, was about to celebrate its 100-year anniversary. This milestone provided perfect opportunity for the company to reflect on what it was all about. To unify the global operation around one simple, differentiating battlecry. The challenge was: finding common language that everyone in the organization (no matter their role or location) could relate to.

Aligning employees from five continents around a true, clear expression of the Modine brand was no small task. We took an international cross-section of over 50 Modine employees through our “Say It. Live It.” brand discovery process to identify what made (and makes) Modine relevant to its customers and different from its competition.

By recalling founder A.B. Modine’s reputation as engineer and constant tinkerer, Modine was able to both honor their proud heritage of problem solving and adopt a mantra that could take them boldly into the future. In the end, Modine’s brand promise came down to four simple words: Modine Gets It Right. This corporate creed not only captures Modine’s uncompromising drive for innovation, continuous improvement, customer service and doing business right, it also translates to employees at all levels and across cultures worldwide.

“When people can feel they are part of an organization that means something … that they understand why they are there, those are the organizations that really excel.”Tom Burke, CEO


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