Brand Definition and Development


Brand Definition and Development

Define the brand from the inside out.

Talking to consumers — not at them.

One reason is enough to overhaul a brand; Numotion had three reasons. After acquiring one of its main competitors, experiencing a change in leadership and taking a distinct focus on bringing new and better offerings to it customers, Numotion reached out to Core Creative to redefine the brand.

To effectively do so, Core evaluated the company’s internal team. The tactics we implemented are:

  • Holding focus group sessions with leadership, middle management and a cross-section of employees.
  • Interviewing stakeholders and employees to help us better understand Numotion to craft a Brand Compass.
  • Detailing its “why, what and how;” mission, vision and values; as well as its unique sales proposition and position.
  • Creating a mission commitment board, brand pocket guides and videos that highlight how employees are living the values to debut at the company’s National Leadership Conference. This helped employees rally around the newly defined mission.

To complete Core’s holistic approach, we helped Numotion connect with its target market. Using the insights gained from our research, we were able to develop a Discovery Report to more clearly define the expectations of not only employees, but also consumers.

By creating alignment both internally and externally with the brand, Numotion was able to clearly define its position in the marketplace and identify key ways to continue to build on its reputation in the industry.