Physician Referral Campaign

Valley Health System

Physician Referral Campaign

Using improving outcomes to drive home care patient referrals

This is how we proved to physicians they can “Send Your Care Home”

As competition continued to move into our client Valley Health System’s market, we needed to help its Valley Home Care service line become more relevant among physicians who were key referral sources.

Research showed the two factors healthcare providers most sought before referring a patient to a home care service were positive outcomes and making it easy to make a referral.

Valley Home Care’s Physician Liaisons knew providers would only refer to a service if they could be assured the level of care they provided would be maintained – HACAHP scores are negatively impacted by readmission rates. To meet that need, we developed the “Send Your Care Home” campaign, targeting providers with an emotional message that relied on cold, hard facts.

Using the “Send Your Care Home” concept, we developed a kit Valley Home Care Physician Liaisons could give to their key referral source targets. It contained all of the information physicians would need as well as a key insight – a quarterly outcome report based on Valley’s standout track record; lower readmission rates, better care and more patients served. We used the proof of their scores to drive referrals and help them meet their goals with convincing data.

The final piece of the puzzle to meet that need to make it easy on providers to make a referral?

Research told us all it took was a fax. The kit included an easy-to-use form physicians could fax. And, along with a new outcome report each quarter, it gave Valley’s liaisons another reason to visit their referral sources … keeping that kit well stocked for the increasing numbers of patient referrals to Valley Home Care Services.