Bariatric Surgery Campaign

Valley Health System

Bariatric Surgery Campaign

Bringing a key differentiator to life through powerful patient stories.

It’s about what you gain.

The Valley Hospital’s Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery provides thousands with new hope for living healthier and more fulfilling lives. Through research, we uncovered a key differentiator for its bariatric program: Valley staff is with you throughout your life — an unwavering partnership, a true relationship.

Developing a message that would touch Valley’s audience meant sharing the spirit of that genuine connection. We didn’t use facts, figures or images of doctors. We asked real patients to help us tell Valley’s story.

Using their own words, these gripping experiences — from fear and desperation to newfound courage and rebirth — drove a message that ultimately led to a 200-300 percent increase in Valley’s requests for consults when compared to the previous year’s date.

Our team assembled powerful stories into a series of videos and featured them on a microsite, where potential patients could learn more about the program. A campaign with print, outdoor and online ads drove traffic to the microsite where users could watch videos and request a consult.