Integrated Campaign

Valley Health System

Integrated Campaign

Making an “old” microsite mobile friendly and watching the conversions rise.

FIRST … deliver the audience.

In 2015, The Valley Hospital wanted to refresh an existing campaign promoting its Center for Childbirth. Launched in 2011, the original campaign was successful, but starting to show its age.

We consulted with the healthcare marketing team at Valley to develop a refreshed campaign with new creative and media tactics to reinvigorate the service line and meet delivery goals. True, we updated print, outdoor, broadcast and online ads, featuring patients and newborns. But the key to delivering results in this campaign was insisting on making the accompanying microsite mobile optimized.

Knowing our audience primarily accesses websites through mobile devices, we made sure the microsite was mobile optimized and our digital ad buy was heavily weighted toward mobile.

With this simple modification in understanding HOW the audience used the medium, traffic increased on the site by 363% year over year. And the hospital ended up giving 275 tours of its Childbirth Center and performing 196 more births over their goal for 2015.