Mackenzie Paschke, Designer

Mackenzie Paschke


Creating magic. Climbing walls.

Mackenzie is on a constant quest to gain knowledge. Growing up, Mackenzie liked to engineer toys and learn the strategy behind her dad’s magic tricks. As a designer on the Milwaukee Tool team, she is able to tap into her passions — constantly learning, finding solutions and creating magic for the iconic Milwaukee Tool brand.

From festival marketing materials to creative and social media marketing for a family-owned pet food company, Mackenzie has spent her career uplifting local brands. She also creates magic for several regional nonprofits that support kids and animals.

From her home office, Mackenzie has a beautiful, albeit “lazy until 3 a.m.” cat named Whisky. Her pineapple plant housemate named Barry (because pineapples are berries) is even lazier. To get her blood pumping, Mackenzie lets her housemates rest while she climbs indoor rock walls or explores nature.


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