Donovan Green, Designer

Donovan Green


Living for Creativity. Visualizing in 3D.

Donovan is a designer on our Design Services team. He focuses on bringing a high level of expertise and creativity to his work in order to make the most impactful pieces for our clients. Whether building 3D models in his spare time or producing print material for Core clients, there is nothing more satisfying for him than creating something new.

Donovan has worked as a student graphic design lead at UW-Milwaukee Union Marketing. Here, he contributed to designing the large campaigns for stars like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Super Duper Kyle. Before coming to Core, he was a graphic designer for No Small Magic, completing projects such as wireframing and designing interactives for Betty Brinn Children’s Museum.

In his spare time, Donovan can be found playing tennis, darts and biking around Milwaukee. He’s also uniquely skilled at 3D design and print, using his skills to fix real problems. When he started working at Core, he created a 3D printed model of the Core Creative logo. Needless to say, we’re all impressed and hope he gets us for the gift exchange this year.


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