Erin Ormsby, Designer

Erin Ormsby


Proud Tree-Hugger. Costumer. Archer.

Though there’s hardly such thing as a run-of-the-mill designer, Erin brings more than her fair share of unique experiences to Core’s Design Services team. She’s led digital printing and design workshops at several of the country’s leading universities for textile design like the Fashion Institute of Technology, Savannah College of Art and Design, and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. In conjunction, she ran a scholarship program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She loves training the next generation on the most advanced digital technology and expanding their knowledge of sustainable design practices.

As one of the original design mentors for Islands of Brilliance, Erin also helps children on the Autism spectrum learn and express themselves creatively.

Erin adores her family, furry family members and Milwaukee’s east side, especially the city’s woodlands. Using her skills as a seamstress, she also designs costumes for cosplay. Erin recently took up archery and shoots recurve bows regularly. We expect her to show up to work as Robin Hood one of these days.


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