Grace Devine, Assistant PR/Social Specialist

Grace Devine

Assistant PR/Social Specialist

A social butterfly knows all the latest buzz.

Always excited to float between disciplines and add a little flourish to client communications, our Assistant PR and Social Media Specialist, Grace Devine, knows the importance of being well-connected. Her experience in the field has given her the opportunity to grow meaningful relationships not only with clients, but with content creators, producers, editors and influencers.

Grace takes pride in her experience working with out-of-state clients to execute initial press trips, bringing outsiders into the state to experience its beauty and adventure for the first time. Seeing their real-time reactions became a powerful testament to the effectiveness of her work.

Staying connected is an integral part of Grace’s personal life, too. She enjoys living in downtown Milwaukee and making the most of its unique perks: from trying out new breweries and hot spots to Bucks games and festivals.


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