Jason Evans, Senior Marketing Consultant

Jason Evans

Senior Marketing Consultant

Slicked back and kicked back like James Dean. Gifted like Picasso.

As a senior marketing consultant, Jason is painting the right business picture for client experience and building up digital capabilities at Core Creative.

Approachable and friendly to say the least, Jason combines passion for digital innovation and design with an entrepreneurial drive that makes interactions with business prospects a joy. This rebel with a cause has worked in a variety of roles. Throughout his 20 years of experience, he has evolved from a digital designer to a managing partner of a highly successful digital marketing agency. We are lucky to have his expertise, talent and dedication.

Jason loves to spend time with his wife, Lindsay and their four kids. In his free time he enjoys reading and flexing his art muscles in painting. Fun fact: Jason was a caricature artist at Six Flags back in his younger days.


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