Jerry Higgins, Creative Director

Jerry Higgins

Creative Director

The creative tour-de-force driving our team.

Jerry sets the bar for Core’s creative standards with expertise and attention to detail. His ideas elevate brands, and his impact can be felt on every piece of work that passes through our doors. Jerry inspires a creative staff made up of engaged risk-takers to not only think outside the box but to completely transform it.

With over 30 years of experience, Jerry brings immense wisdom, artistic skill and powerful creativity to our clients. Before joining Core, he served as an art director for Brady Marketing Group and also worked as a creative director for two other Wisconsin-based agencies. Jerry’s previous clients include Philips Medical Systems, Komatsu, Rockwell International and Miller Electric.

When he’s not charting the course for our creative projects, Jerry spends his time running in giant circles, oil painting, lounging around the pool and watching gobs of TV.


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