Michael Noel, Director of Accounting

Michael Noel

Director of Accounting

Accountant. Home brewer. Underwater archeologist.

As Core’s staff accountant and resident CPA, Mike is responsible for ensuring accuracy of our financial statements, reconciliations, and invoices. With a natural knack for finding efficiencies, he seeks to smooth and streamline our administrative processes whenever and wherever possible.

A graduate of University of Wisconsin Milwaukee for both of his advanced degrees, Mike originally began his education as an art student, before making a 180-degree switch to become an accountant, for which he received his master’s in accounting in 2021. He also likes to dabble in programming, writing code in Python — a skill he’s applied here at Core on more than one occasion.

Outside of work, Mike is a proud dad who pursues active hobbies like swimming, weightlifting, and of course, home brewing. During the summers, he joins with a group of underwater archeologists who like to survey shipwrecks in Lake Michigan and relax with some of Mike’s sweet homebrews back on the dock.


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