Patti Schauer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief HR Officer

Patti Schauer

Chief Financial Officer, Chief HR Officer

VP of Finance and HR. Plank-Off champion.

Patti is the left-brain to our predominately right-brained company, managing our financial and HR operations. Since joining us, Patti has helped Core grow by over 300%, and has worked tirelessly to establish our employee culture teams. Core has since been nationally recognized for both achievements.

A veteran financial wiz, Patti has spent more than 30 years helping companies realize their full potential — including clients of Deloitte, Intrepid Corporation (parent company of Trek Bicycles Corporation) and the law firm of Rausch, Sturm, Israel, Enerson & Hornik, LLC.

A Fittest Executive and Plank-Off Champion, Patti may be focused on her personal fitness goals, but don’t be fooled: she’s a self-proclaimed best blonde brownie baker and chocoholic who loves trying out new restaurants with her husband and spending time with her children.


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