Regina Maline, Lead Designer

Regina Maline

Lead Designer

The go-to-girl for high-caliber, high-speed design.

Regina Maline is a lead designer and veteran creative on our Design Services team. She possesses a keen ability to switch between fast-paced, thoughtful design to communicating and collaborating with team members to provide work with the ideal look, feel and aesthetics.

Regina is known and respected among clients for her award-winning packaging designs and more than 18 years of experience, managing brand presence and bringing to life retail packaging, in-store merchandising, print collateral and product launches.

She spends her nights and weekends as one of the only individuals at her house without a Y chromosome, getting some additional gender support from her dog and cat. Able to school anyone in a parallel parking competition, she can also do a very convincing southern accent, since half her family hails from Tennessee.


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