Core Creative Leadership — Beth Crivello-Wagner, Ward Alles, Patti Schauer, Jeff Speech, Rich Vertrano

Core Creative has reorganized its leadership structure with the creation of a new C-Suite and new team of Vice Presidents that expands the path to leadership throughout the agency. Core’s new executive leadership team is responsible for guiding the continued future growth of the business. Changes to the leadership structure will allow for more internal growth opportunities as the agency continues to expand.

The agency’s founding partners Ward Alles, Rich Vetrano, and Jeff Speech have assumed new roles as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Culture Officer, respectively. As the partners move into their new roles, they have announced promotions to the new C-Suite. Beth Crivello-Wager has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of Brand Services. Patti Schauer has been promoted to Chief Financial and Human Resources Officer.

“Beth and Patti’s leadership is a major part of the growth we’ve experienced over the past several years,” said Ward Alles, chief executive officer. “There’s no one better suited to lead this team and serve as the key business decision-makers. They understand what both our clients and team members need to achieve their goals. That’s important to us as we strive to keep the talent that has helped us grow and bring in new strategic creative leaders to serve our growing client roster.”

“We want to give everyone at Core Creative more room for professional growth and upward mobility to ensure Core is a place where they want to stay and thrive in their career. It's an exciting time for us.”
Beth Crivello-Wagner - President & Chief Operating Officer, Brand Services

Core has also promoted the following individuals to its Vice President team to round out its expanded Executive Leadership Team.

  • Dana Carpenter, vice president, client services
  • Laura Launstein, vice president, resourcing
  • Laila Waggoner, vice president, healthcare strategy
  • Nick Krueger, vice president, creative services
  • Sue Spaight, vice president, insights and strategy

“Our future looks very promising,” said Beth Crivello-Wagner, president and chief operating officer, Brand Services. “The changes in our leadership structure will create a ripple effect throughout our whole agency. We want to give everyone at Core Creative more room for professional growth and upward mobility to ensure Core is a place where they want to stay and thrive in their career. It’s an exciting time for us — we look forward to all of the new opportunities that come with this change, and the new direction our new leadership team will provide.”

Core Creative helps people live healthier, more engaged lives by creating integrated marketing communications plans, advertising campaigns, and digital solutions that make brands more human. Driven by its guiding principle — WE — Core is committed to creating better, more collaborative working relationships that benefit everyone—including clients and team members — by creating the culture of support and flexibility that helps people thrive personally and professionally. Core’s unique say it. live it.® brand philosophy aligns the external (“say it.”) with the internal (“live it.”) to help companies align their motivating purpose with their customers, employees, and community in authentic, meaningful ways. Core develops marketing communications programs steeped in research, insight and strategy to deliver impactful creative solutions that put people first. Founded in 1994 in Milwaukee, Core serves brands across the country. Core is built on a fierce dedication to building collaborative relationships with clients like Sentry Insurance, Broan-NuTone, LLC., ThedaCare, TriHealth, Arkansas Children’s, North Kansas City Hospital, and other health systems around the country.

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