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Core exhibited at the 2024 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit (HMPS) in Las Vegas. We got lucky and were able to attend some great sessions and meet some wonderful people. In case you weren’t able to make it, here are our top takeaways.

1. Health systems must cement their role in the patient journey by meeting them where they are

New technology, changing perspectives and companies like CVS and Amazon are fundamentally changing the way we think about care in 2024. Disruptors like these were mentioned quite frequently by health system marketers and partners alike at HMPS; as the industry is left wondering how they can adapt to meet changing expectations.

At Core, our perspective is that with a strong brand and focus on patient journeys, health systems can turn these disruptors into motivators that improve health equity and the provider/patient relationship. Get in touch if you are curious how we use customer journey maps to deliver results.

2. Expectations of healthcare are higher than you might expect

According to data collected and presented by NRC Health and Moffitt Cancer Center in their session “Outside Innovation: Lessons Learned”, consumer expectations of healthcare continue to rise and are highest amongst categories of service providers as surveyed annually. This is higher than banks/financial service providers, hospitality, restaurants/food and more. Underlying those high expectations is a 34% gap between actual experience and expectations. This is an area that Core is passionate about with our say it. live it.® approach, helping brands deliver on the promises they make to their customers.

3. AI/technology can be leveraged to improve the patient experience

Artificial intelligence and advanced technology was a hot topic at this year's conference. Core attended some fascinating sessions at HMPS which were great examples of how embracing new technology can lead to efficiencies and improved health outcomes. Vanderbilt Health and Modea walked us through how they use high-powered web design and automated content models to consistently deliver more information to their users and increase appointment conversion rates. Emory Healthcare displayed how they are recapturing lapsed patients via personalized email outreach that drives annual wellness visits and critical preventive care like screenings.

Both of these examples show how technology can be integrated into the patient experience seamlessly. We at Core believe that a great brand foundation is just the beginning, and by implementing technology into the patient journey, a real difference in care and experience can be achieved.

4. Personalization vs. Privacy

“Personalization” is desired in healthcare at twice the amount of the average industry. However, a very fine line needs to be walked between tailored care delivery and a creepy exposition of the personal information you have access to as care providers. But finding that balance is absolutely worth it. People who felt they were treated as unique are 312% more likely to rate an organization’s overall brand reputation as excellent according to NRC Health’s research they presented at HMPS. This is an opportunity that healthcare providers cannot afford to miss as overarching scrutiny and skepticism about the intentions of healthcare providers remain at the forefront of consumer’s minds.

5. Ditch boring giveaways and opt for a conversation starter

Our favorite part of HMPS was reconnecting with friends and creating new connections in the exhibit hall. We tried something new this year with our giveaway — a pair of customizable Nike Air Force 1s. Our idea behind this unique prize was to help people walk the walk of their brand. We had a sample pair of shoes on display which sparked countless conversations on who we are and what we do.

Other exhibits inspired us as well with interesting visual approaches, experiential marketing tactics, and out-of-the box conversation starters (one booth served crème brûlée). Take this as a sign that it's always worth the risk to stretch yourself creatively and take the opportunity to reflect your brand's personality in every way you present yourself.

core's exhibit at HMPS

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