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Population Health is rapidly changing the face of healthcare. Eighty-two percent of U.S. hospitals and health systems are incorporating Population Health management in their broader organizational strategies, and 77% of U.S. hospitals and health systems reported screening patients for social needs. Hospitals and health systems are seeing the value in this shift in care delivery, and Population Health investments are projected to only continue to grow.

Successful Population Health strategies require coordinated, collaborative work across the organization to be successful. While this work is bigger than marketing alone, marketing can help play an important role in furthering your organization’s Population Health strategy.

Janee Wolf and Mickey Wildt were recently invited to speak at the WHPRMS 2024 Elevate conference to share insights on the role marketing can play in enhancing access to health care within population health initiatives.

Their presentation examines how successful population health marketers are taking a human centered approach and positioning their organizations as an integral part of the community. It takes a closer look at four key areas where marketers can make meaningful impact in driving your organization’s Population Health Strategy:

  • Putting patients at the center of your efforts
  • Increasing digital access and equity
  • Driving both prevention and treatment for key health conditions through priority service line campaigns
  • Going beyond traditional sponsorships to develop integrated community programs

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