Making a world of difference for a global medical device brand.

For more than 80 years, Natus has been recognized as the source for solutions to screen, diagnose, and treat disorders affecting the brain, neural pathways, and eight sensory nervous systems. The company first engaged Core to support a new product launch — and the scope of our creative partnership has quickly grown.

Our goal has been to help the company align its brand with its vision: to advance the standard of care and improve patient outcomes and quality of life. By placing more emphasis on the experience of end users (health care teams and their patients) and creating more consistency across the company’s messaging, we have instilled a greater sense of humanity in a B2B brand, helping create a strong, memorable and emotional connection with customers.

Business support

  • Brand campaign creative concept development
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Website design
  • Trade show and sales meeting support
  • Sales materials design and development
  • Digital advertising and social media content
  • Video production