Product Launch

Burger Boat Company

Product Launch

Living a life without limits. A look at the launch of a luxury yacht.


With award-winning designer, Luiz de Basto, Burger Boat Company brought NORTHLAND — a 103’-6” yacht — to life. Designed for long-range expeditions, luxury at sea and sport fishing, NORTHLAND is a beautiful work of art. It is the purest definition of boating excellence.

For the November 2017 launch of this custom luxury yacht, Burger had an opportunity to continue to assert its position as the premier yacht builder the world had known for generations. Core Creative needed to help tell their story to a specific, highly targeted audience — the yachting world and the ultra-high net worth individuals who buy custom yachts — to capitalize on this unique opportunity.

In order to showcase the launch, we planned an integrated campaign that would introduce the audience to NORTHLAND and what was possible when building a relationship with Burger — a “life without limits.” Between a video of the yacht’s creation and launch, media relations outreach, and various distribution tactics covering social and print media, we were able to dramatically increase engagement and interest in the launch.