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Burger Boat Company

Website Development


Making a luxury boat builder’s web presence as polished as their custom fleet

Since 1863, Burger Boat Company has been building custom yachts, working alongside some of the world’s most respected designers and naval architects. While its boats are renowned for meticulous craftsmanship and impeccable engineering, the brand’s web user experience didn’t live up to its otherwise high standards. As Burger’s agency of record, Core began collaboration in March 2020 to revamp the Burger Boat Company website.

Core began the website redevelopment process with a reassessment of the priorities for the website and a reevaluation of the user experience. Collaborative workshops with the Burger team gave us better insight into the goals and needs of a prospective Burger client, as well as what messaging would resonate best among the brand’s different audiences; those looking to build custom yachts of their own, commercial business partners, and those in need of refit or repair services.

Core’s approach was to improve the look, feel and functionality of the website — both for the Burger audience and the Burger marketing team. Our internal departments worked hand-in-hand together — and with the client — to enhance all aspects from the inside out. The Core web development team helped organize assets, implement improved data tracking and ensure the content management system could be seamlessly updated once up and running. The creative team focused its effort on designing each page with striking visuals and copy to help delight and inspire prospective clients and provide a more intuitive navigation experience to highlight the unique elements that make Burger a truly exceptional boat building company.

The site drives users to imagine the experience of customizing the yacht of their dreams, presents clear calls-to-action to generate more leads and showcases Burger’s history — and its already impressive fleet of marine masterpieces. In the same vein of Core’s most effective brand storytelling approach, the Burger website underscores the power of showing over telling.

With strategy, creative and development completed by early August, Core also assisted Burger in understanding content entry and provided final, thorough quality assurance checks. The new Burger website was successfully launched in November 2020.