Creative + Activation

Creative + Activation

Creative firepower in the print, broadcast and digital worlds.

When you hear agencies use words like “integrated” or “full-service,” find out what that means exactly. At Core, it means we’ve formed cross-disciplinary teams of marketing professionals — strategists, art directors, designers, video producers, writers, PR/social media pros, website and app developers — to help shape and develop creative solutions that will reach your audiences effectively.

Each of these teams gets as close as possible to our clients so we can provide solutions to your business challenges — together. Focusing on research-based insights, working from a plan, and creating marketing content that drives desired results — that’s the job for a truly integrated team. That’s what we call brand activation.

And for some clients who only need help with branding execution, we’ve built a separate Design Services team of organized project leaders and experienced designers to meet both high-mix and high-volume demands.


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