Research + Insights

Research + Insights

How are you different? Why are you more relevant?

That’s what customers want to know before they buy. Whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a value-added service or simply trying to fill job openings at your company. That’s where your brand — and your “why” — comes in. Using a research-based approach, Core helps you define your true competitive position and its related brand promise. Then, using a proprietary Brand Compass tool, we document our collective findings and align your sales messaging and cultural language around these key insights.

Core’s brand consultants address these fundamental topics with our clients before we tackle any new marketing initiatives. Why? Because everything — we mean everything coming out of your company – should point back to the brand. If we are going to effectively tell your brand’s story (SAY IT), we both need to agree what that story is and how every product, service, program or event supports it. And that applies to employer branding, internal communications (LIVE IT) equally as well.


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