5 benefits of starting a workplace wellness program

May 8, 2014
Patti Schauer Vice President, Finance/H.R.

From a corporate perspective, a wellness program is about a commitment to your employees and the overall health of your organization.

As with anything, plan ahead. Yesterday, I shared 5 initiatives to kick-start your wellness programGetting there starts with planning and understanding your needs. As you’ll read in that article, we began our commitment with a survey to understand how we could best develop programs to serve our employees.

Take the time up front to build the framework around which your employees will take ownership and develop the programs needed to engage each other over time. There is great strength in allowing your employees to build the program with you. You’ll accrue a higher level of participation and dedication to the elements they develop together. The benefits will not only impact their personal health, they will impact the health of your organization as a whole. While these benefits might not feel tangible, rest assured – you’ll feel the impact.

Here are just five benefits your organization can expect to reap when you develop your own workplace wellness program.

1)     Increased leadership opportunities (empowered/smart)Being “empowered” and “smart” are two of our brand values at Core. We’re helping build a living connection to those values by opening up opportunities to our employees to lead our wellness committee and execute a variety of activities. This includes developing the program, setting the budget, getting management approval and communicating and executing the activities.

2)     Being Connected – Being “connected” is another one of our brand values. Whether it’s connecting to each other, our clients or our community … when our employees work as a team, they’re working better and smarter. Through our wellness program, we’re building connections among a wide variety of roles within our office. Our employees create and maintain relationships, while building collaboration and listening skills.

[pullquote align=”right”] Adopting an internal communications program around initiatives like a wellness program gives your business a great opportunity to strengthen your brand values internally and improve communication. [/pullquote]

3)     Easier cross-department communication – Many businesses believe they have an opportunity to strengthen internal communications. Many more are unsure about the best ways to make existing communications work better for them. Not all businesses have the same communication needs or opportunities. Email will work for some, break room signage for others. Adopting an internal communications program around initiatives like a wellness program gives your business a great opportunity to strengthen your brand values internally and improve communication. After cooking a meal together or laughing over a game, it makes it easier to approach others.

4)     Increased creativityBeing creative … you guessed it, is another brand value at Core Creative. We serve our clients and each other through creativity. Bringing together so many explosive minds is beneficial to our clients and a requirement for our business. Nurturing that combustibility is a responsibility of the agency as much as we require expression from our employees. Studies have shown the more you interact with nature, the more you reduce stress and increase creativity. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

5)     Empathy (selfless)Developing selfless employees who express generous and thoughtful empathy is the last in our list of brand values. We are collectively, working together with our clients to help them attain their goals. Developing our wellness program to serve our employees’ needs helps us work together toward our collective and personal wellness goals just as much as we work to serve our clients. As we share our success – whether through changing our diet, exercising more or even just getting back to the doctor for the first time in a really long time, we’re building an enhanced appreciate of each other …

 … and developing a communications program that reinforces our brand values among our employees as often as we can.

An aligned brand is a healthy brand and a healthy brand is a great way to grow your business.

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Patti is Core’s VP of finance and human resources. She whips us into shape in more ways than one. Core’s wellness program, and its wide acceptance and adoption by our employees, is the work of both Patti and Christine Ruth, our accountant. And you may enjoy knowing Patti was named among Milwaukee’s Fittest Execs by BizTimes Milwaukee. At the gala event, she even took home the gold in the planking challenge … holding out for more than nine minutes. That’s right,she held a plank for nine minutes. Just think about that next time your arms start quaking after 30 seconds.



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