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A common adage among fitness fanatics is that “failure to plan is planning to fail.” By contrast, having plans in place gives you a framework to progress: creating benchmarks, setting small goals, achieving them and setting your sights even higher. All the while, you’re moving forward.

The same practice can be applied to employee wellness at the business level. Years ago, we at Core Creative began conducting regular culture surveys to understand how we could best develop programs to serve our employees. Since then, we’ve expanded our definition of a “wellness program” to include a wide variety of team-led culture teams, each of which contributes to our team’s personal and professional success.

Over the years, we’ve continued to evolve our wellness-focused culture, understanding there is great strength in allowing your team to build the program alongside leadership. The benefits have impacted our team’s personal health and happinesswhich has improved the health of our organization.

“Adopting an internal communications program around initiatives like a wellness program gives your business a great opportunity to strengthen your brand values internally and improve communication.”
Patti Schauer - Chief Financial Officer, Chief HR Officer at Core Creative

Here are five benefits your organization can expect to reap when you take a team-driven approach to culture and workplace wellness programs.

1) Increased leadership opportunities (empowered/smart)  Connection, ownership, resourcefulness and energy are our brand values at Core. Opening up opportunities for our employees to lead our culture teams and execute a variety of activities helps individuals live our values and practice these important skills. Every year, new team leaders develop initiatives, budget for them, get management approval and execute the activities with the help of their team.

2) Being Connected  As I mentioned, Connection is one of our core values. Whether we’re connecting to each other, our clients, or our community, working as team helps us work better and smarter. Through our wellness-focused culture, we’re building connections across a wide variety of roles within our office. Our team is creating and maintaining relationships, while building collaboration and listening skills.

3) Easier cross-department communication — Many businesses believe they have an opportunity to strengthen internal communications. Many more are unsure about the best ways to make existing communications work better for them. Not all businesses have the same communication needs or opportunities — especially in hybrid work environments like we have at Core. Adopting an internal communications program around initiatives like culture teams and wellness programming gives your business a great opportunity to strengthen your brand values internally and improve communication. Finding ways to connect (even virtually) makes it easier to approach others.

4) Increased creativity  As a full-service branding and marketing agency, creativity is an asset here at Core — and nurturing that creativity is a responsibility we take seriously. Emphasizing a healthy work/life balance and finding ways to improve teammates’ overall well-being help reduce stress and increase creativity. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

5) Empathy (selflessness)  We are always collectively working together with our clients to help them attain their goals. Developing a culture that serves our team’s needs helps us work together toward our collective and personal wellness goals just as much as we work to serve our clients. As we share our success – whether it’s increasing our activity, spending more time volunteering in the community, building connections with our co-workers, or improving diversity, equity and inclusion, we’re building an appreciation for one another’s unique contributions.

At Core, say it. live it.® is our brand philosophy. Not just in how we uncover our clients’ brand identity and position, but how we live our own brand. An aligned brand is a healthy brand and a healthy brand is a great way to grow your business. The culture we’ve built together is proof of that.

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