Charter Manufacturing Company

Charter Manufacturing Company

Leveraging a strong internal culture as an asset for employee engagement and recruitment.

Building a reputation from within.

Charter, a leading metal manufacturing business, first came to Core looking for help with their ever-present recruitment marketing needs. We helped them discover a long-term strategy that would deliver more than they ever thought possible. Since then, our relationship has grown to include internal branding, employee engagement strategies, internal communications plans and all levels of organizational communication.

As a family owned business, Charter knew their close-knit culture had the potential to be a powerful tool for growth. They just needed a way to package it into effective organizational communications and recruitment marketing strategies. Through our brand discovery and definition process, we helped them gain a clear view of their message.

Having identified the strongest areas within their culture, we were able to build an internal brand that accomplished their business goals while staying true to who they really were. Through these efforts, we helped them boost employee engagement and activate long-term strategies to attract new employees more easily when recruitment needs arise.


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