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Aurora Health Care

Digital Development

Recruiting and engaging the best healthcare professionals.

Our best care starts with you.

Aurora Health Care is an integrated health system serving patients in Wisconsin that employs more than 33,000 caregivers. (Aurora Health Care has since merged with Advocate, becoming Advocate Aurora Health, serving in Wisconsin and Illinois). But like any other health system, Aurora faced stiff competition to fill its recruitment pipeline with qualified candidates. In order for Aurora connect with ideal applicants, we were tasked with rebranding and redesigning its careers website to better position the company.

To begin, it was necessary to define Aurora’s employer brand value proposition and integrate it within its larger brand story. The company needed a compelling content strategy told through motivational stories and an upgraded user experience to engage prospects. We conducted internal and external interviews with health professionals, collaborative experiential workshops and created employee profiles of current Aurora employees.

We partnered with Aurora to scope out the site’s architecture, user experience, visual design and handed it back to their team for internal development. The final product was an interactive careers website that attracted both clinical and non-clinical professionals with a clear and simple process. The site made one thing clear to all would-be applicants: “Our best care starts with you.”