Brand Development

Zoom North America

Brand Development

Differentiating your story. Linking with the right audiences.

We’re for creators.

Zoom is an innovative audio recording company, shaking up the industry by offering unique audio recording products for the everyday creator. Nowadays, anyone with a smartphone can record a song; Zoom offers serious artists the means to do it right, with quality equipment.  In an industry full of specs and product features, there had to be a way to show how Zoom was different. It needed an emotional connection with its audience.

Our team redefined Zoom’s message through emotive storytelling, clearing any confusion about who they were. Though video interviews with creators— sound mixers, filmmakers and musicians— we were able to build a legitimate relationship between Zoom and its audience. We helped the company realize a unique brand promise — “We’re for creators.”

With a brand-new website, brand promise and digital advertising our content generated over a million views on YouTube and raised social engagement across the board. “We’re for creators” was the right invitation for Zoom’s audience, making it a partner for all those seeking to create.