Doers Welcome Campaign

Concordia University Ann Arbor

Doers Welcome Campaign

Bringing out the voice of a small university through a targeted, strategic message to its audience.

Doers Welcome.

Located in the shadow of a huge Big 10 school, CUAA is regularly outspent by its competitors in market. To help boost their recruiting efforts, they needed to get creative with their message and their budget. After researching the “why” behind CUAA, Core helped them launch the “Doers Welcome” campaign.

This concept was designed to engage potential students, and leverage the idea of a Christian university where young people can put their faith in action. To maximize the client’s budget dollars, the campaign focused on experiential marketing through “street teams” (at Christian High School events), along with a microsite, video storytelling and social media.

Embracing the social element of the campaign, The Dean of Student Life and Campus Pastor, both well respected, outgoing personalities, helped the campaign’s hashtag, #cuaadoer, gain traction among students and faculty. The self-promotion paid immediate dividends, starting an online conversation that allowed the CUAA story to be heard, from real students and faculty, in an authentic and organic way.


  • 6 million campaign impressions (in 13 weeks)
  • 231 leads generated
  • 200 personal invitations to campus extended
  • 10% increase in campus visits
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