Brand Campaign

Concordia University Wisconsin

Brand Campaign

Branding an education with an idea that’s even bigger than future success.

I will soar.

In early 2013, Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) asked Core to do one thing: “Take us to the next level in our advertising.”

CUW’s campus had seen exponential growth for two decades, morphing from a small teacher’s college to a major private Christian university. The expansion catapulted them into an entirely different competitive environment, pitting them against sophisticated, brand-savvy universities. Core was challenged to help CUW compete at a whole new level. And so, “I Will Soar” was born.

Core recommended telling the story of the typical CUW undergrad and adult ed student, i.e. such students choose Christian higher education to help them fulfill a higher calling and purpose. Empowered by their Concordia education, the campaign contends, you will do more than succeed at school or at work. You will soar in life.

With a mix of traditional and digital advertising, PR, and social media efforts, the university gained a nearly 20% increase in undergrad enrollment year over year. Additionally, the campaign took home five of the top Education Advertising Awards in 2014, making it one of the most honored campaigns in the education industry for that year.

This campaign helped produce a 20% increase in undergraduate enrollment year over year.