Integrated Campaign

Lutheran High School Association

Integrated Campaign

Lutheran High School Association Of Greater Milwaukee

We Teach Truth.

School Choice of Wisconsin has breathed new life into privately funded high schools. Through the program, parents can take their children out of any public school they feel is wrong for their child and repurpose the tax dollars to help pay for a private education. Question is: Which school is right for their student?

For parents seeking a Bible-based education, the bold “We Teach Truth” campaign offered a clear answer. Each of the three high schools run by the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee proclaims the Gospel message found in the Bible and offers it as the main teaching upon which their Lutheran education is based.

With an integrated approach, we launched the “We Teach Truth” campaign across traditional, digital and social platforms. With millions of impressions, the ads and content drove audiences to, where they could read and engage more with the brand.


  • 11,150,229 media impressions
  • 47,186 social media impressions
  • 15% enrollment increase