Website Development

Maxwell Thomas

Website Development

A furniture provider for senior living environments in need of a new digital approach.

Evolving to match the growth of a key demographic.

With the expansion of a key demographic, Maxwell Thomas was presented with a new business opportunity to market to the aging population in the US. Making sure these people are living comfortably, in well-furnished environments, is a must for those serving that audience’s needs. Maxwell Thomas — a division of Direct Supply — meets the urgent necessity for comfort, safety and fine quality, providing furniture designed for senior living spaces.

In order to better its audience, Maxwell Thomas needed a revamped online presence to demonstrate the excellence of its products. Additionally, it sought better engagement with existing customers, and to cater to interior designers and senior living operators looking for answers. Most importantly, it required a site that would convert prospects into customers.

We developed and designed a website that served the unique needs of a growing market and showcased the company’s wide array of comfortable, durable and beautiful products. Collaboratively, we conducted our design sprint methodology and compiled audience personas to pinpoint how customers would use the site. The finished product was a newly designed, immersive website backed by a custom-built, easy-to-use content management system. It was the right site for the right people and was a key driver in generating sales.