Brand Launch

Waterstone Mortgage

Brand Launch

Building a brand that galvanizes employees and inspires trust in consumers.

It starts with the fundamentals.

When the housing market collapsed in 2008, many mortgage lenders found themselves shrinking, scrambling to adjust, or shutting their doors altogether. Consumer trust fell to all-time lows.

Waterstone Mortgage was different. Sticking with a by-the-books set of fundamentals and strong Midwestern values, they passed on the promise of easy money in favor of building their business the right way. And while others fell, they continued to grow throughout the recession. When they asked Core to help them rebrand, we brought these values to the forefront.

We interviewed dozens of employees and built a brand compass based on their input. From there, we crafted internal and external campaigns to support the brand launch and new messaging. Our team accompanied Waterstone to Las Vegas, where we unveiled the new brand, logo and marketing campaign to senior leadership and top sales performers. We gathered real-time feedback from these employees, and finalized the materials in preparation for the official brand launch 8 weeks later.