Cardiology Service Line Campaign

Valley Health System

Cardiology Service Line Campaign

Not only a second opinion, but a second way of caring for your heart.

We Put Manhattanites’ hearts first.

The Valley Medical Group Electrophysiology and Cardiology has a booming presence in Manhattan. While electrophysiology volumes were thriving at the practice there was capacity for cardiology patients. Core Creative was challenged to develop a promotional plan designed to drive cardiology patient referrals. Specifically, we wanted patient-self referrals to the department’s sole cardiologist, Kedar Sankholkar, M.D.

Core executed a campaign focused on reaching patients with a family history of pre-existing heart conditions. We needed to convince people that it was OK and encouraged to seek care from a cardiologist without a referral. It was our objective to help patients realize their choice in cardiologist would make a tremendous difference in their lives and that Dr. Sankholkar was a proven doctor who cared holistically about his patients.

To capture patient conversions, we created a simple landing page — supported by direct mail and targeted, digital advertisements — where potential patients could book an appointment either online or through the number provided.