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Roush Yates Engines

Content Marketing

Getting under the hood of one of NASCAR’s leading engine developers. Connecting fans with a compelling narrative.

Powering Into The Playoffs.

Roush Yates has proven itself on the racetrack, exclusively providing the engines for Ford’s NASCAR teams. Its success comes from dedication, hard work and collaboration with vital partners. But winning on the track wasn’t enough; it needed to bring fans along for the ride. With this in mind, we were brought in to build a narrative to engage fans, deliver added value to partners, and significantly increase website traffic.

What NASCAR enthusiast wouldn’t want a behind-the-scenes look at a big-name engine shop? Our content marketing strategy, “Powering Into The Playoffs,” did just that. Using interviews with Ford drivers and key members, we told Roush Yates’s story — the company history and achievements of its drivers.

From long-form articles to short videos, we wanted to tell the company’s narrative right. This campaign was a way for us to connect fans with a brand they might not be familiar with. When people heard the roar of a Ford racecar, we wanted them to know it was a Roush Yates engine. And the results spoke for themselves. Overall site visits increased by 193 percent — going from 2,578 to 7,458 — in one year.

Because of our integrated and holistic commitment to content marketing, fans were drawn to the story of Roush Yates Engines. “Powering Into The Playoffs” received external support from the audience and positive internal feedback from the company’s partners.